The Flipped Classroom

Here is the final product! Our doctoral dissertation is available as a pdf.



4 thoughts on “The Flipped Classroom

  1. HI, At a survey of disengaged youth who dropped out of education we found 23/23 students said that no support for homework was a reason for them leaving school early.
    Most parents I know here in Australia think that they will look foolish not knowing what their children are doing for homework and so they disengage.
    I wonder if there is any research that demonstrates if young people are more likely to stay in school with the flipped classroom.

  2. Richard says:

    Excellent qualitative study. It really helped me understand more about the flipped classroom model. I wonder how a similar study would fair in an environment where parents have negative perceptions of technology in and outside the classroom. This the situation I face as I begin to design my EdD project study around mobile technology in the Korean classroom.

    Thank you for posting the study! Great work!

    • JR says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Best of luck as you prepare to study parental perceptions and mobile devices. I think parents are an interesting and underestimated piece of the educational puzzle.

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