The Flipped Classroom

Here is the final product! Our doctoral dissertation is available as a pdf.



Done. Done. Done. Done.

When we finished writing, we felt like we were done.

When we successfully defended, we felt like we were done done.

When we had our final edits approved by our committee and U of L we felt like we were done done done.

The other day we turned in out paperwork for our rank change and last night we had a nice little celebration with our cohort. Each little thing we do we sort of feel like it sinks in even more….

So we haven’t kept up this site like we intended. I’m not sure what we will do with it, other than maybe post up our dissertation.  But for those of you who have been in touch and following the progress I just wanted to put it our there: We are done!


Our treatment is winding down. We are eagerly anticipating the post-test. I am writing a qualitative piece based on the Stake (1995) case study model. I’m finished coding my field notes and ready to analyze them. We have made the corrections to Chapter 1 and are adding to our literature review. My parter is collecting survey data and awaiting post-test results. She will write a quantitative piece framed by a 2011  study by Galy, Downey, and Johnson.

JCPS eMentors Meeting

Thank you for inviting us to join you today. Time and space have prevented us from being there physically, but one of us will Skype in.

I’ll be referring to this infograph from during our conversation:

Additional talking points:
-eLearning tools that have recently become “commonplace”
-the recent rise of mobile computing
-what makes our flipped class project unique
-how you can flip your class


Proposal Defense: Check

IRB Approval: Check

JCPS Research Approval: Check:

Today was significant as well. We began the actual treatment. We are “flipping” an IC3 computer applications course at a local high school. We have created video tutorials which model the “Step-By-Steps” in the text book. We have loaded the tutorials, the digital textbook and the appropriate practice files onto an older Tablet PC and begun to issue them to the students.


We Don’t Want To Save The World

We just want to transform teaching and learning. The rest will work itself out.